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Storytime: Little Red, A Warning Story


This video is the retelling of the “Little Red Riding Hood” classic

cautionary tale from the Brothers Grimm collection of fairytales.

Atumpan Edutainment puts a modern twist on the classic story: 

Big Bad Wolf has a cell phone and uses social media to cyber bully, Little

Red’s granny has two flat screen TVs and loads of cash, and the

Woodsman is an officer with the Deep Woods Police Department (The DWPD). 

See what happens to Little Red as she goes skipping and singing through

the hot spot for trouble called the Deep Woods where she becomes

Little Red Riding in the Hood.  In the end, find out the alternative

ending for the Big Bad Wolf as he escapes his normal fate of the

Woodsman’s axe only to find himself unable to out run the long arm of

the law.

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