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Addressing Petty Stuff

This video is about the importance of making accessibility accommodations for people with disabilities. 

Petty people can be found everywhere.  They judge people based on the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, or they go around picking petty arguments over the smallest things.  Petty people also are famous for taking others for granted, like people tend to do when it comes to those who have disabilities. People with disabilities bring value to our daily lives in ways we often don’t recognize. 

Have you ever pushed a stroller or cart up a wheelchair ramp? 

Have you ever used an automatic door at a grocery store? 

Do you respond to the bell on an elevator when it arrives at your floor? 

All of these building or community features are small things “normal” people may take for granted.  But, these major accommodations were provisions required by the American’s with Disabilities Act to help address the marginalization of people with disabilities.

What does marginalization mean?  Marginalization means that a person has been excluded from different parts of society due to cultural differences.  Corey, who has been blind since the age of 19, has experienced marginalization due to what people label as a disability. This has been especially true in the arena of finding gainful employment in an increasingly digital society that doesn’t always have the technology to facilitate the hiring of a blind person like Corey.

Corey and his wife LaQuita Marie founded Atumpan Edutainment as a platform to educate a variety of audiences through their rhythmic, theatrical style of storytelling.  Atumpan also allows them to address marginalization of people with disabilities through special projects such as “Changing the Narrative of Normal” that is featured in this episode. 

Join Corey, LaQuita Marie, and the talented members of Atumpan’s Dance Theatre who narrate this video as they change the narrative of what it means to be normal.  Enjoy fun, humorous, and informative video clips and photos as Atumpan Edutainment explores how schools, businesses, social clubs, and other organizations can make their spaces more accessible by using Atumpan’s “Three Rs” to change the narrative of normal:

1.      Recognize- Understand the importance of fair and equal access for people with disabilities.

2.       Reconsider- Discover how you can help change the narrative of what it means to be normal by shifting our thoughts from thinking of people being disabled to people being differently abled.

3.      Relate- Discover creative solutions that help you relate to people of all abilities in the physical and digital spaces where they interact with you.

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