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Olympics 2020 as a Blind Olympian

This video shows how to give sighted guide to a blind person from a blind guy’s point of view…pun absolutely intended.

Welcome to our “Blind Guy Olympics.” 

The “Blind Guy Olympics” were created by Corey and LaQuita Marie as a way to use role-play games to give people who are blind and people who can see a chance to learn from each other.  In this episode our Blind Guy Olympians compete in the “Blind Man’s Bluff” obstacle course race.  Blind Olympians’ take on the challenges of being blindfolded and having to find three targets on an obstacle course. The blindfolded competitors use a walking cane and their put their trust in the verbal directions from their coaches.

In this highlight reel of the competition, LaQuita Marie  calls the play-by-play with Corey providing color commentary. Blind Olympians talk about their experiences after their walk on the blind side, and LaQuita Marie debates with Corey about whether he is a dog lover or dog hater.

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