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#Goals Storytime on Goals

Updated: May 5, 2020

During the month of March and April 2020 we had a drastic change in lifestyle and pretty much lost physical audiences overnight.

Meanwhile we were still blessed to have our health and our family. As we reflected on years of storytelling we realized that in all of the 13 years that Corey had been telling our version of the 3 Little Pigs, we had never recorded the two of us telling the story in tandem.

FINALLY, we got it done and man are we excited to share the story with everyone that has enjoyed it over the years as well as the new listeners. This has been a goal for years so it feels great to get here.

Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and let us know what you think! We'd really appreciate it.

In any case, nowadays you can buy us a coffee to guarantee that we have caffeinated energy to bring our best selves on this journey.

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