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Disney in a Day: How Atumpan Founders Did it With a Disability

A blind guy goes to Disney World with his wife and three kids…. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? 

This episode is all about how a family with a disabled, or differently abled, person can still manage to relax and have lots  of fun at “The Happiest Place On Earth.”  Corey has been blind since the age of 19.  He may have lost his sight, but not his since of adventure nor his love of all things Disney. 

One summer evening, after teaching Atumpan Dance Theatre, Corey and LaQuita left with their family to a Disney, but there was plenty to consider. Travel to Orlando Florida with Corey, LaQuita Marie, and their three lady bugs as they show you how your family can enjoy a complete Disney experience while only spending one day in a theme park following these simple tips:

1.      Choose the Right Accommodations- See how LaQuita Marie’s Air BnB expertise led them to choose the perfect accommodations that had great Disney décor and lots of other amenities for active children.  Her 5 star choice also allowed the girls plenty of room to stretch out while making it easy for Corey to use his cane to navigate the Air BnB safely.

2.       Add Disney Related  Experiences - As performing artists, Corey and LaQuita Marie know all about creating drama.  They’ll share how they were able to extend their daughter’s Disney World experience by taking advantage of Disney’s no admission Boardwalk as well as Disney Springs/Downtown Disney shopping and restaurant district to build up the excitement of a day at the Magic Kingdom while beating the heat without breaking the bank.

3.       Register With The Magic Kingdom’s Guest Relations - Being disabled, or differently abled, has its distinct disadvantages.  However, Corey’s blindness moves his family to the head of the class with a disability flash pass that helps them avoid long lines for rides like Space Mountain.

These time stamps will help navigate the video if you prefer to jump directly to a topic within the episode; clicking on a time will take you to that chapter in the video:

0:00 Corey the Talented Blind Guy Boasting

0:05 Intro Credits

0:16 Disney with a disability (aka different ability)

0:43 Create a Disney experience with AirBnB

1:20 Consider layout of AirBnB/accommodations

1:51 Navigating wheelchairs, working as a nurse on vacation

2:27 Plan short events to beat the heat and build up the experience

3:05 Plan adult outings, Bronze Kingdom experience

3:31 Visit friends to enhance the experience

3:45 Free Disney experiences like Disney Springs and Disney Boardwalk

4:19 Visit Magic Kingdom before or after a slower day

4:28 Stuck at top of Disney's Thunder Mountain

4:45 Disability pass allows skipping the line

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