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Blind Guy Drives His Kids

Yep, Corey the Talented Blind Guy can NOT SEE, but once you learn to drive you can pretty much handle the average vehicle.

Before losing his sight in 1994, Corey owned a car, did auto repairs on it with his dad, and drove (himself and his football colleagues) to football practice. All of that was before he got sick, lost his sight, got married, and had 3 daughters to take care of...and to take to different places.

His youngest daughter, in this video, asked anyone to "Call CPS!" because a blind guy was spotted  driving his kids around town and on the handlebars!  In this episode, get a few tips on how people with disabilities can benefit from using paratransit ride share services to get safely around town without risking life and limb like crazy Corey and his courageous kids.



Blind Guy His Wife Their Life

INSTAGRAM  @AtumpanEdutainment @BlindGuyHisWifeTheirLife

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