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Arts and Activism: How we Address Police Brutality

        This episode examines the on-going protests against police brutality

after the murder of George Floyd and other African-Americans. 

What else can Americans do to be a resource for social change? 

Corey and LaQuita show how they use the performing arts as a vehicle for

activism.  They also make the argument that the police are not the

blame for on-going injustice.  Instead, the police are caught in the

midst of on-going social pressures that affect us all—social pressures

that have been a part of the American social landscape since the

Virginia Company established the Colony of Virginia in 1607. 

Corey and LaQuita will also share personal experiences of how being a blind

guy in America may put Corey at greater risk of facing similar fates

as George Floyd more so than just being a Black guy in America.

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