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TV Show Tapings

Local Hampton Roads talents auditioned to be a part of a television series that will feature stories told by Corey the Talented Blind Guy as well as the cast members themselves. Cast members have been on hiatus while the inner workings of the series has been hashed out and they are soon returning to the set. Several components are involved in the show with the purpose of using the methodologies of Atumpan for creative learning.

In short, the PVC Pipeline for Learning (based on theorists Piaget, Vgotsky, and Chomsky) and the Multiple Intelligences Theory lay the framework for the Dynamic Duo, stageplays and CDs by Atumpan, and Atumpan African Dance, so the TV show is no different. The show includes classic fairytales such as The Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood, creative crafting, and music. The title is still a secret; only the cast knows that.

Since losing his sight to an illness in 1994, Corey and his wife, LaQuita Marie, have been storytellers for adults, conferences, festivals, and often enough, children. This sample video shows the combination of adults and children creating for the new production:

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