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From Boston to DC: Dance & Ekphrasis

Best Workshop Ever

After a tour of the Attucks Theatre, creative minds were open to dance with Boston's Wyoma or to spin original works under the guidance of Washington D.C.'s LaShawne Bryant in a unique workshop.

Wyoma has traveled the world and graced Atumpan with a workshop to share some of her techniques for balance through mindful dance and purposeful movement. A room full of dancers shared space and focused on the present moment to laugh while encouraging each other through two dances. Gbegbe, a dance from the Ivory Coast, and Nago, an Afro-Haitian dance were happily claimed by all participants.

Good vibes flowed through the reception that included presentations by the poets who had engaged in various activities with LaShawne to inspire and craft their poems. The adult men who recited their poetry for the audience were almost as bold as the younger poets. The poets had a chance to organize their thoughts on stage at the Attucks Theatre as LaShawne instructed. Her non profit organization, Poetics, provides residency services at the Dance Place in Washington D.C. where students perform as part of several productions throughout the year.

The following video is a synopsis of the workshop experience (Corey the Talented Blind Guy & LaQuita Marie provided music for the dancers):

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