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Q: Is Atumpan Dance Theatre the same as Atumpan African Dance?

  Yes and no.  Atumpan Dance Theatre includes African dance, modern and hip-hop dance, plus ballet warm-ups.  There is also theatre training with onstage opportunities with Atumpan Live!, so Atumpan Dance Theatre is much more than just dance.

Q: When is a good time to start?

  Anytime! Dance and theatre training is taught with review during classes at the Kroc Center in Norfolk.

Adults, teens, and children opportunities


12 week sessions are

  • Spring classes, February to May

  • Fall classes, October to December

Q: What happens in a typical class?

*Breaks are not listed

6:15pm Check in, theatre exercises

6:45pm Ballet warm ups/ Modern warm ups

6:55pm Signature Funwa welcome song & dance

7:15pm African rhythms with djembe, krin,bells

8:00pm Showcases and Harambe creed

Q: What is the Harambe creed?

Harambe, a Swahili word,means to all pull together. The Harambe Creed is an  affirmation or motivational chant recited at end of class. 

Q: What is Public Works?

Public Works is a program initiated at the New York Public Theatre. The Virginia Stage Company (at the Wells Theatre in Norfolk, VA) is a select member of Public Works which means they collaborate with select arts organizations to form a hub of impactful artists.

Atumpan Dance Theatre is one set of impactful artists partnering with the Virginia Stage Company through classes at the Kroc.

Q: Are volunteers needed?

Yes, volunteers are screened to be able to:

  • Promote via social media

  • Help with costumes and accessories

  • Guide/corral younger dancers off-stage while the adult company performs

  • Take video or photo footage, pass out company literature (flyers, bookmarks, etc…)  

  • Man the product table at performances


Success! Message received. *Volunteers are screened

Harambe Creed



If it is to be, it is up to me.

I feel good about myself, and I feel good about the people around me.

Because I walk with good, and I talk with good.

And that makes me feel real good.

Good better best, never let it rest.

Until your good is your better and your better is your best.

We must make history, we must be great.

Lose not courage, lose not faith.

Step forward...and harambe (everyone reach up, say harambe & "pull down" 7 times)

Public Works Chant

End of Class


ACT Dance Theatre.


Public Works.

Yeah that's me.

*there are movements that go along with the chant.

*VSC is Virginia Stage Company

Harambe Creed & Public Works Chant

Arts Matter

ACT Dance Theatre - Platinum Party Kicko

World Music & Dance

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Kroc Center


World Arts

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